About Dirttrapper

The Dirttrapper mat has sold all over the world by the millions. And the reason so many have been sold and so many homes have them is because they actually work.

Whether it’s the kids playing in the yard, someone coming in from the garden or a pet whose been out in the rain, (and when was the last time your dog wiped his feet?) outside dirt, sand and grime get tracked into your home, leaving you to scrub and mop constantly to keep your house clean.

So, if you’ve got a regular door mat then you’ve got a problem!

All you have to do is simply walking across it and the Dirttrapper’s unique absorbent fibers will automatically remove sand, mud and dirt leaving you with less work and more time for yourself. With regular door mats, as soon as it gets a little damp outside they simply stop working. Not with the Dirttrapper. Even when it’s raining, the Dirttrapper can be there protecting your home, doing the cleaning work for you.

Put them at the front and back doors of your home, as well as the bathroom, the kitchen, the garage, the deck and how about your RV, boat or even at the door of the tent when you’re camping?

It’s guaranteed for one year and it also has a 30 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee. They are very durable, have a non slip oil resistant rubber backing and are built to last for many, many years. It’s also machine washable and can go in the dryer, making them as good and effective as new – year after year!

So save all that cleaning time and frustration and keep your home clean. Buy the Dirttrapper now!

The DirtTrapper comes in 5 colour variations to suite any home colour scheme.

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Travertine
  • Mocha

Suitability of sizes

  • Small (60cm x 40cm) car or utility. The cleated back helps prevent slipping on the car floor.
  • Medium (75cm x 45cm) side door or front door
  • Larger (60cm x 90cm) front door with larger pets to avoid not being stepped on.
  • Runner (75cm x 1.35m) small runner for front door,sliding door or French doors.